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Account Settings FAQ

Note: GoMobile will be discontinued on Dec. 15, 2015. If you're an existing GoMobile site owner, you'll need to move your site's content elsewhere — or take advantage of the recent email offer that GoDaddy sent only to GoMobile customers. More information.

This page answers questions about your GoMobile Account.. For answers about GoMobile design settings, see Website Design FAQ

GoDaddy Account and GoMobile Subscription

Can I renew/cancel my GoDaddy GoMobile subscription?
To renew, please log in to your GoDaddy account.

Can I transfer my site from one GoDaddy account to another?
No. If you log in to your GoDaddy account, create a site and then realize your GoDaddy domain is registered with another GoDaddy account, you need to process an account change to move it into the account your website is in. For more information, see this article.

Can I log in with my old mDot account?
To log in using your old mDot account, please enter the email address you used to register for mDot Once you are logged in, you can change anything except for the domain name. To change the domain, you need to convert your mDot account to a GoDaddy account, either by signing up (if you don’t have a GoDaddy account) or signing in (if you already have a GoDaddy account).

Do I have to pay for the website?
You can publish your site on a trial URL that will expire in three days. The trial URL is automatically generated. To publish your site on your own domain, you need to purchase a GoDaddy GoMobile subscription. The subscription is per site.

What is your IP address so I can redirect the hosting address to you?
An IP address isn't needed. Just use for the CNAME record.

Mobile Website Options

Can I insert custom HTML?

Can I create a chat room in my website?

How do I promote my website?
Probably the easiest way to promote your GoDaddy GoMobile site is through Facebook®, Twitter®, and other social networks. Once people start visiting your website, it will also appear somewhere in search engine results.

Can I create an online store using GoMobile?

Can I see where the hits to my site are coming from?

Can I use the app to make changes to my existing GoDaddy website?
You can’t use GoDaddy GoMobile to edit websites built with other programs and applications.

Domain Name and DNS Settings

Can I change the trial URL?
You can publish your site using a trial URL that will expire after three days. The trial URL is automatically generated and you can’t change it.

I don't see my website when I go to my domain name. Why?
There are two possible reasons:

  • You published the site for mobile visitors only at, but you're trying to access
  • You're trying to access but forgot to set up a 301 redirect to forward to the www. version of your domain.

Can I publish my site on a trial URL without a GoDaddy account?
No. If you’re logged in using the tester account, you need to sign up or sign in with a GoDaddy account before publishing your site.

Why I don’t see my GoDaddy domain in the list?
The domain is probably registered to a different GoDaddy account. Make sure you’re logged in with the right account.

I’ve purchased a new domain but my site is still not published. Why?
When you purchase a new domain in GoDaddy GoMobile, it might take up to 48 hours until the domain becomes active and GoDaddy GoMobile can update CNAME records on that domain. Please log in on and check the domain's status.

How do I change the domain name without deleting my website?
Choose the domain and site status option in the main popup, then tap the Change domain button. When changing the domain, you don’t need to purchase a new subscription if your existing subscription is still active.

Can I unlink my domain from my GoDaddy GoMobile website?
Yes. Remove the previously created “www” and “m” CNAME records pointing to “”. For more information on updating your CNAME records, see Manage DNS zone files.

How do I set up CNAME records?
In case the domain (either new or existing domain) is registered at GoDaddy, the app will try to update the CNAME records automatically.

If it’s registered on another GoDaddy shopper account or if it’s not registered at GoDaddy, see Manage DNS zone files for updating CNAME records manually.

How do I set up domain forwarding?
In case the domain (either new or existing domain) is registered at GoDaddy, the app will try to set up domain forwarding automatically.

If it’s registered on another GoDaddy shopper account or if it’s not registered at GoDaddy, see Manually forward or mask your domain or subdomain for manually forwarding your domain name.

Why is my GoDaddy GoMobile website not displaying on my root domain?
You must forward your domain ( to the www. version of your domain (

Should I redirect my hosting address to you?
You do not need to redirect your hosting address to GoDaddy. Instead, just use for the domain's CNAME record.

Why I can’t find my site on Google®?
It takes about two or three weeks for Google to register your site.

You can also submit your site to Google manually.

Blog and Social Media

How can I synchronize my blog with outer sources?
Unfortunately, right now there is no connection between GoDaddy GoMobile blog and another existing blog. However, you can easily "scrape" any text from an existing website. When you create a new blog post and add text content, you might notice a small "www" icon just above the keyboard. Tap it, enter the address of your existing blog, and GoDaddy GoMobile will try to extract any text from it. You can then choose which text to insert to GoDaddy GoMobile blog.

How can I create a blog?
First, you need to enable the blog feature in the Edit & customize view. Then go back to the main popup menu and you'll see four small icons at the bottom. The second one from the left opens the blog, where you can create your blog posts. If you want to remove the blog page, go to the Edit & customize view and disable the Blog feature.

Why do I get a permission error when sharing to Facebook?
Go to and open your Facebook user Account Settings. Click the Apps link on the left. Check to make sure all permissions are given to the GoDaddy GoMobile App. If the permissions are accurate, you can try to remove the app completely from Facebook, and then GoDaddy GoMobile will ask you to give the permissions again when sharing the next time.

Why can't I link to my Facebook page?
You might have entered the wrong URL into the Facebook contact. Always review the URL before publishing.

Delete Options

How can I delete my website?
Tap the bottom right icon in the main popup. The Delete site button is on the next screen.

How can I delete my account?
It’s not possible to delete an account within the app. Please call GoDaddy Support.

Publish and Restore

How can I un-publish my site?
You can’t.

How do I publish my site to the Internet?
Click the Make site public option in the popup menu. You can publish your new site on an automatically generated trial URL that will expire in three days. Or you can purchase a GoDaddy GoMobile subscription to publish your site on your own domain.

I deleted my website. Can you restore it back?

Why does my website look different in IE than in other browsers?
Internet Explorer® doesn't correctly support some CSS properties so the page looks different. For the best experience, please use Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

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