Book a Get Started session

Our Get Started Sessions are $49.99 and include a 30-minute phone consultation with one of our experts. Get Started Sessions are available for:

  • Website Builder
  • Online Store
  • Managed WordPress
  1. Call (480) 463-8844 to purchase a Get Started Session or to learn more about the service.
  2. To book your training session, go to our service booking calendar and click Book Now for the product session you purchased. You'll need your Order/Receipt Number.
  3. After you schedule your session, we'll send you an email explaining how to prepare for your session:
    1. Write down any questions you have about your product.
    2. Have your 4-digit Support PIN ready.
    3. Log in to Website Builder, Online Store, or Managed WordPress.
    4. You also can install Zoom, which will enable you to share your screen with our consultant during the session.
  4. We'll call you at your scheduled time. If you need to change your session for any reason, please refer to the email confirmation we sent you for how to reschedule.

Next steps

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