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Making a website: Work with a professional

Not everyone has the time or desire to build their own website. Watch this video to learn about two GoDaddy services that can connect you to the expert help you need.

Video transcript

Your small business needs a new website, or a website upgrade, and you want to hire a pro to do the work. But who?

Learn how GoDaddy can help you find just what you’re looking for. When it comes to website experts, GoDaddy is connected - and can help you find the right pro through either its Professional Web Services or Pro Connect program.

First we’ll look at Professional Web Services, GoDaddy’s in-house staff of experts who can get you online fast.

Your first step is a free, no-commitment phone consultation. You can either call Professional Web Services at your convenience or request that they call you.

A consultant will explain the four plans and help you determine which option makes the most sense for your business.

Once you purchase a plan, you provide information about your business and website requirements in a brief phone or online interview.

Then your GoDaddy Pro goes to work creating your site, using the text, images, and logos you provide.

Don’t have images? Your pro will insert professional photos and graphics that fit your site’s look, feel, and messaging.

And if you need a logo, GoDaddy can create one for an affordable one-time fee.

To make sure your site is visible on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your web pro will add search engine optimization tags to every page.

Before you know it - possibly as few as 7 business days - your site will be ready for your review. Once you approve it, your new site is published live on the web.

Now to GoDaddy’s Pro Connect program - a great way to find an experienced website designer or developer to create, modify, or maintain your custom website. Pro Connect is a great resource if you need a completely customized site.

Pro Connect professionals are independent freelancers and agency partners located throughout the U.S. And most are entrepreneurs like you!

The free Pro Connect website allows you to browse or search for web designers and developers based on your budget, location and the type of pro you want to work with.

Each professional has a profile that includes details about their experience, links to their own website, a portfolio of their work, and customer reviews.

A handy “Contact me” button makes it super easy to send a no cost, no obligation request to pros that interest you.

Your website is an integral part of your business, so getting it right is important. GoDaddy Professional Web Services and Pro Connect are a couple of great ways to find and partner with a pro.

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