About .APARTMENTS Domain Names

Searching for an apartment can be a daunting task. Internet listings for apartments are plentiful, but they're not always accurate or timely. With the .apartments domain name, renters, buyers, sellers, landlords, leasing agents and property managers will have a centralized hub for connecting and networking.

The .apartments domain extension is managed by the Donuts registry. To learn about the regulations and pre-registration information that apply to .apartments, see About Donuts Domain Names.

For information about Donuts' registration process, see Registering Donuts domains.

The following dates apply to the .apartments launch plan:

Launch: 3/24/15 at 10:00 UTC

Trademark Holder (Sunrise)
Start Date: 3/17/15 at 16:00 UTC
End Date: 5/16/15 at 16:00 UTC

Early Access (Landrush)
Launch: 5/20/15 at 16:00 UTC

General Availability
Launch: 5/27/15 at 16:00 UTC

For .apartments pricing, click here.

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