SSL 인증서 도움말

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) — Mac OS X Server 10.6

Follow the instructions below to generate a CSR for your website. When you have completed generating your CSR, cut/copy and paste the certificate content into the CSR field on the SSL certificate-request page.

To Generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  1. Open the Server Admin tool and connect to the server on which you want to install the certificate.
  2. Click Certificates in the toolbar.
  3. Click +, and then select Create a Certificate Identity.
  4. Select Let Me Override Defaults, and then click Continue.
  5. Complete the appropriate on-screen fields:
    • Email Address — An email address of the responsible party for certificates.
    • Organization — The full legal name of your organization. The listed organization must be the legal registrant of the domain name in the certificate request. (If you are enrolling as an individual, enter the certificate requestor's name.)
    • Organizational Unit — Enter the name of a business unit or group. (If you are enrolling as an individual, enter the DBA (doing business as) name in this field.)
    • City (Locality) — Name of the city in which your organization is registered/located. Spell out the name of the city. Do not abbreviate.
    • State/Province — Name of state or province where your organization is located. Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate.
    • Country Code — The two-letter International Organization for Standardization- (ISO-) format country code for the country in which your organization is legally registered.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Select the new certificate.
  8. Click the Gear, and then select Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  9. Click Save.
  10. Save the file as certreq. This file contains the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) that you will need to provide when submitting your certificate request to us.

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