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Retrieving Your Reseller Hosting Login Information

If you've forgotten any of your Reseller Hosting login information, you can either retrieve or reset them.

The first step to recovering your reseller information is to log in to WHM® as the root user. For more information, see Log in to my server.

If you forgot your Reseller Hosting VPS login information, you can reset your password. For more information, see Reset your password.

cPanel Info

Once you log in to WHM, you can view your reseller cPanel® username and domain name by clicking Resellers, and then clicking Show Reseller Accounts.

To change the reseller cPanel username or contact email address, click Account Functions and then click Modify an Account. Select the username you want to modify, and then click the Modify button.

If you have forgotten your reseller password you can reset it.

To Change Your cPanel Password

  1. After logging in to cPanel, click Account Functions and then click Password Modification.
  2. Select the username you want to modify, and then enter the new password.
    Warning: Do not select Allow MySQL password change.
  3. Click Change Password.


You can recover your WHMCS® install directory, database name, and database username from within cPanel.

To Find Your Install Directory

  1. Go to https://ipaddress:2083/, where ipaddress is your server's IP address.
  2. Log in to cPanel.
  3. In the files section, click File Manager.
  4. Select Web Root, and then click Go.

On the right, the cgi-bin and your WHMCS install directories display.

To Find your WHMCS Database Name and Username

When you're logged in to cPanel, go to the Databases section, and then click MySQL Databases.

Note: We recommend not changing the database username password. Changing the database username password will break your WHMCS installation.

To Find Your WHMCS Admin Username

  1. When you're logged in to cPanel, in the Databases section and click phpMyAdmin.
  2. In the left column, click the WHMCS database.
  3. Click the tbladmins table.

A single row displays in the main window. The third column in that row contains your WHMCS admin username.

Warning: Do not attempt to change your WHMCS admin password via phpMyAdmin.

To Reset Your WHMCS Admin Password

If you have forgotten your WHMCS admin password, make sure the email address found in column nine is accurate, otherwise click the Edit link and update the email address.

  1. Go to http://whmcs-domain/whmcs-directory/admin, where whmcs-domain is your reseller domain name and whmcs-directory is your WHMCS install directory.
  2. Click Forgot your password?, enter the WHMCS admin email address, and then click Reset Password.
  3. Follow the instructions outlined in the email sent to you.

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