Transferring a Google-Registered eNom Domain to Us

Before you can transfer your eNom domain name registered with Google® to us, you need to prepare your domain name so it will successfully complete the transfer process.

If your domain name is not registered with eNom, visit Transferring Your Domain From Another Registrar for a list of other registrars' transfer instructions.

To Transfer a Google-Registered eNom Domain To Us

If you registered your domain through Google and can confirm that the associated registrar is eNom, use the instructions below to transfer your domain name to us:

Note: To confirm that you registered your domain with eNom, check your domain renewal emails.

1. Retrieve Your Password

Go to, enter your domain name in the Domain field, leave the Password field blank, and click Login. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the option to have your password sent to the email address associated with your domain name.

2. Unlock Your Domain Name

Send an email request to In the email message, include the following:

  • Your domain name
  • Your password
  • A request to have your domain unlocked
  • An authorization code request

Note: An authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) is required to transfer your domain to us from another register. Some domain name extensions, primarily country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs), do not require an authorization code.

You will receive and email containing the authorization code from eNom with 24-48 hours, after they have unlocked your domain.

3. Purchase a Domain Name Transfer

Purchase a domain name transfer from our website. If the extension you want to transfer is not listed, you cannot transfer the domain name to us.

When you purchase the transfer, select one of the following nameserver options:

4. Authorize the Domain Name Transfer

When you have successfully prepared your domain name to be transferred, see Transfer my domain to GoDaddy for information on completing the domain name transfer with us.

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