What happens to my commission if I move my domain name out of my CashParking account mid-cycle?

If you move your domain name out of your CashParking® account mid-cycle, the way we pay you depends on the commission generated during the earning period in question. If the commission exceeds the threshold for a payment, you receive it according to the normal CashParking payment cycle. For more information about thresholds for payment and the payment cycle, see How do I get paid for my CashParking commission?

If commission earned is less than the threshold for payment, it is held until you cancel the CashParking account or it expires. Upon cancellation/expiration, we pay you the generated commission, less any service fees (a $10 service fee applies to check payments), according to the normal CashParking payment cycle. If the service fee exceeds the remaining balance, we zero out the account.

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